The keys don't respond!

  • Hi there, do you guys know how to fix it if the keys on panel didn't respond? My printer is Brother MFC-255cw

  • If the keys on the control panel do not respond when you press them, some keys on the machine's control panel may be stuck or the control panel may have a mechanical problem.

    Follow the steps below to solve the issue:

    Unplug the Brother machine from the electrical outlet, wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

    Check the LCD display.

    If the LCD displays the date and time or some other menu, go to STEP 3.

    If the LCD displays an error message (example: Unable to..., Paper Jam .etc) or status message (example: Ink Low), refer to "FAQs & Troubleshooting" for information on the error message you are receiving.
    In particular, if your displays "Unable to ..." error message, click here to see more details about "Unable to ..." error message.

    If the display is blank:

    Verify the power cord is connected. If the power cord is connected to a surge protector or power switch, remove the cord from the device and connect it directly to the outlet. Removing this device assists in determining if the problem (blank LCD) is related to the device or the Brother machine.

    Verify the unit is powered ON. The Brother machine has an ON/OFF key located on the left side of the control panel. In OFF mode, the display will be blank.

    Press the keys to see if they respond.
    For example: if you press the MENU/SET or Menu key, the menu options should be displayed on the LCD. If you press one of the DIAL PAD keys (if applicable for your machine) the number should appear on the LCD display.

    If the keys do not respond, gently massage each key on the control panel in a circular motion to dislodge any stuck keys. You should do this regardless of whether or not any of the keys appear to be stuck. Then test the functionality of the control panel again, using either the MENU/SET, Menu or DIAL PAD keys.

    If none of the keys are stuck, or if freeing a stuck key did not solve the problem, the machine will require service.
    Please contact a Brother authorized service dealer.

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