HP 932XL 933XL Combo show empty after print 20pages

  • HP 932XL 933XL Combo show empty after print 20pages, how can I return?

  • Dear customer,

    Thank you for contacting Shopper+ Family.

    Please read through the following information if you are experiencing problems with your cartridges.

    1. Once one of our customer service representatives has confirmed that you have the correct cartridge for your printer, follow any on-screen prompts and open the cover on the printer. Remove the cartridge and close the cover.
    2. At this point, your printer may direct you to install an ink cartridge. Slowly reinstall the cartridge.
    3. If the problem persists after returning the cartridge to its cradle, you will want to reset your printer.
      This can be done by turning off your computer and your printer with the cartridges installed.
    4. Unplug your printer and leave your machines off for 2 minutes.
    5. Restart the printer and your computer, and attempt your print again.
      If you are still having this problem, please let us know as soon as possible so we can send your label to return for a replacement or refund.

    Thank You.

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