Model: Cab-DP-mm-10ft


    The "product highlights" indicate supports upto 1080p resolution. However DP 1.2 specs 4k @ 75 hz and 2.5k @ 144 hz. Why is your cable only capable of 1080p or is that a typo?

    DP 1.2 should even do 5k @ 30hz so your description doesn't seem to be inline with your product title of DP 1.2 cable

    I want to buy the cable and I am running 1440p @ 144hz. Will this cable run at that resolution and refresh rate?

  • Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your message and sorry for comfusing.
    DP 1.2 could support resolution 4k@60hz, however, the cables material, AWG, length and so on, could impact this feature. normally for 28AWG DP cable, it may not support 4k@60hz when its length excess 10 feet. our specification for this DP 10ft cable is that it could support up to 4k@60hz, we don't think it could 4k@75hz. For conservative purpose, we put the message support upto 1080p resolution for this product on our website page.

    honest to say, we have no idea whether this cable can runing 1440@144hz or not, as we don't have such specific device for testing this specific resolution and refresh rate. if you want to try it, you could order one and have a testing, you could return it to us within 30day for free return if you are not satisfied or failed to pass the test.

    thank you again.

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