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  • Hi Primecables,




    To make sure cx get the right answers, can you guys answer few questions from this cx about above cables??

    I am interested in purchasing a 10 foot HDMI 2.0 cable from you within the next 24 hours while some of your sales are still on. I tried to forward this through live chat or the email submission symbol on the prime cable site but could not get either to work. The telephone contact I made suggested I email to this address.

    I will simply be connecting a 4K TV to a cable providers box so likely any of these cables would do, but nevertheless a decision needs to be made and I hope you can help .

    In order of ascending price the three cables I am looking at are;

    1.HDMI 2.0 Cables-Licensed -Prime Cables- $8.99 price was $13.99
    2.HDMI 2.0 Cables (Aluminum cover)-$14.99 -licensed Prime Cables
    3.Premium HDMI 2.O Cables with Nylon Jacket Prime Cables Mamba Series -$15.74 was $17.49

    First question-do all 3 cables have the same carrying capacity and speed that is common to 2.0 HDMI ?

    Second question-#1 and #2 state they have gold connectors for better connectivity but oddly the most expensive Premium cable #3 does not state this. Does it , in fact, also have the gold connectors like the other 2 less expensive cables?

    Third question- The #3 Mamba is most expensive yet has no reviews at all. The least expensive cable has the highest rating. Why does the Mamba not have any reviews? Other than the chew resistant nylon coating, are there any other features which make it a superior cable that I should order?

    Finally-cable #1 has the greatest price reduction. Is it being discontinued? Is it the best value for a normal household connection with no pets? Is it in any particular way inferior to the other two more expensive cables?

    Thank you very much for your support.

  • All of the above cables have same carrying capacity and speed that is common to HDMI 2.0 They are perfectly support 4K@60HZ.

    We have best price for the cables, all those three cables have gold connectors for better connectivity. The Mamba Series come with nylon coating and the gold connectors as well. The Mamba Series is the best version which is best value for a normal household connection with no pets.

    We are doing promotion for Cab-HDMI2-3ft and keep to sell this cable. that is why we have highest rating on this cable.That is our sales strategy.

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