HP 564/564XL Unsatisfactory Print Quality

  • please help.

  • If you have attempted to print a document but nothing prints on the page, first ensure that you have removed the pull tab from the top of the cartridge.

    If you have already removed the pull tab and the cartridge is still not printing, you may need to clean any excess adhesive from the top of the cartridge.

    Look at the top of the cartridge. Just above the cartridge label, you should see a “T”.
    Using a pen or a pencil, remove any obstruction or debris from the “T”. This will allow ink to flow freely from the cartridge once installed into the printer.
    Once this has been done and the cartridge has been reinstalled into your printer, please attempt your print again.
    If the cartridge still does not print after cleaning the "T", please remove the product label. Once the product label is removed, you should be able to view the entire air vent (it looks like a channel of curvy lines). This should give the cartridge the proper air flow that it needs in order to continue printing.

    If the cartridge still does not print or prints poorly after completing these steps, you may need to perform a cleaning cycle in order to improve the quality of your print.

    This video will show you an example of how to perform a cleaning cycle through your printer’s LCD or touch screen. If your printer does not have an LCD screen, please click here for instructions to perform a cleaning cycle using your computer.

    Using the arrow keys, scroll to and select Setup
    Select Tools
    Scroll down, if necessary, and select Clean Printhead
    Your printer will now perform a cleaning cycle
    When the cleaning cycle is complete a test page will print.
    If the quality on the test page is satisfactory, you may return to the document you wish to print and resume printing.
    If the print quality is still unsatisfactory, you may perform another cleaning cycle.
    Please be aware that cleaning cycles consume a fair amount of ink and should only be performed when necessary.
    If you are not satisfied with the print quality after two or three consecutive cleaning cycles, the cartridge may be defective and need to be returned to the place of purchase.

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