Why do Brother P-touch laminated labels last longer?

  • Why do Brother P-touch laminated labels last longer?

  • Unlike ordinary labels, Brother's unique laminated tape technology ensures that a layer of super-clear polyethylene laminate protects your text. Brother P-touch laminated TZe tapes consist of six layers of materials, resulting in a thin, extremely strong label. Characters are formed with a thermal transfer ink and sandwiched between two protective layers of PET (polyester film). The result is a virtually indestructible label that can withstand even the harshest conditions. In fact, we are sure about the durability of our labels because we’ve tested them to the extreme, against the effects of abrasion, temperature, chemicals and sunlight. Results prove that Brother P-touch laminated labels out perform competitor labels, staying legible and affixed, so you can be confident of a professional quality label that has been designed to last. And Brother can prove it. The following will show you exactly p-touch labels are tested to the extreme.

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