Brother TN-350 New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge

  • these toners are faded and smudges all over the page

  • Try the instructions, please.

    (1) The paper moisture may be irregular, or there are foreign moisture spots on the paper
    surface. Try other paper.
    (2) You may be using bad quality paper and some areas may reject the toner. Use a different
    type or brand.
    (3) The transfer roller may be dirty; you will have to change it.
    (4) The toner may be unevenly distributed inside the cartridge.
    (5) The rollers inside the cartridge may be damaged.

    Your laser machine may need cleaning or maintenance

    1. Perform the printer machine cleaning cycle following the user's manual indications.
    2. Replace (in case you have got a machine with replaceable roller or pad) the worn or dirty fuser roller cleaning pad.
    3. Check there are no foreign objects on the transfer corona wire.

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