Samsung MLT-D111S Black Toner Cartridge got streak line

  • I recently ordered a Samsung MLT-D111S Black Toner Cartridge by the brand Moustache. I have heard a lot about the brand and expected good results, but when I opened and installed the toner today, the printouts had horrible black streaks. Can you help me?

  • Dear Natasha,

    Please try the following instruction:

    1. Take out the cartridge from your printer first and turn off your printer for a minute.
    2. Please make sure all the sealing tapes are removed.
    3. Shake your toner cartridge side to side gently 5-6 times. Shake slowly so the toner will shift to the side showing blank and make sure toner distributes evenly inside.
      Be sure to shake the toner cartridge gently. If you do not shake the cartridge gently, toner may spill out.
    4. Turn your printer back on and reinstall the cartridge

    Sometimes this will happen when the toner is sitting upright position during delivery.
    All the toner powder was shift to one side. If you see improvement after the trouble shoot.
    and the problem reappear, just gently shake a few more times redistribute the toners evenly and should be okay.

    If still cant work, please let us know.

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