What's the difference between two types of paper:pro satin and permium glossy?

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    " What's the difference between two types of paper:pro satin and permium glossy;The two types of paper: pro satin and premium glossy - one of them doesn't have much information, and for both of them there's no indication if they are good for laser. How do you read where it says whether it is for inkjet/laser/both?"?

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    1. Satin and Gloss are different coating type.
      Gloss — gloss coated paper has a high sheen. Gloss papers have less bulk and opacity and are typically less expensive than dull & matte paper of equal thickness. Gloss coatings reduce ink absorption, which give the sheet an excellent color definition.

    Glossy Photo Paper: It looks and feels luxurious. Colors appear to be brighter and more vibrant. We associate gloss with quality – many upmarket magazines are printed on a gloss paper stock. Its what people have come to expect. However, gloss may be less easy to view in strong light because of its reflective and shiny surface.
    Ideal for:
    Bright color photography
    Modern family portraits
    Photographic portfolio
    Wedding photos
    Satin — a satin coating is a less shiny coated finish. It has a lower gloss level than gloss finish, yet a higher gloss level than matte finish. Colors are sharp and vivid.

    Satin Photo Paper: is the perfect compromise between the two as it is less shiny and reflects far less light than gloss paper. You get the best of both: the gloss benefit of sharper colors, brightness and vibrancy, and the matte benefit of a photo that is easier to view under strong light.
    Ideal for:
    Pictures for home or office
    Photo album
    Work portfolio

    If they are good for laser, it doesn't depend on satin or glossy.

    You can check the information on the package.

    I checked the photo paper we are carrying, all of them are only for inkjet printer.

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