CE410X left dots on our paper

  • CE410X left dots on our paper, can I return it?

  • Dear customer,
    Very sorry for the inconvenience!
    Please read through the following information if you are experiencing problems with your cartridges.
    Please check:
    1.if the drum is working properly
    2.if the toner is damaged
    4.if using proper paper to print
    Sometimes this could happen when print label, the glue from the label may stick on the drum unit.or dust got into the drum unit.
    To clean the drum unit:

    1. Position the print sample in front of the cartridge. Find the exact position.
    2. Roll the gear on the side by hand looking at the position to find the “problem”
    3. After you located the “problem” that matches the print sample’s position.
      Try wiping the surface of the drum with a cotton swab until the dust or paper powder on the surface comes off.
      If still not work, we will send you a label to return it for a replacement or refund.

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