test BNC/Cab-HM-CT248

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    Could you help explain how to test the Coax bnc connectors?The problem is the the light are the same when connecting the BNC cable
    good cable bad cable or no cable, no different in the light so you can't
    tell if cable is good or not.

  • Hello Mary ,

    If you want to test BNC cable, just one light should indicate, which is named"BNC" in red color. Once BNC cable well connect to tester, this light may be blinking, if so, this cable should be ok, otherwise the cable may not be good.

    It also should be note, the BNC Coax Cable is not the same as F-type Coax Cable, the F-type Coax is the one with thread in connector. our tester can not test F-type Caox Cable.

    here is the link from Wikipedia, to tell you more about the F-type Coax and BNC connector:



    last hypothesis: If you well know the BNC connector/cable, and well connected to the tester, there is still nothing, the tester must be defective. in case of that, we can refund or sent replacement.

    Please feel free to contact us for further question.

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