UT Wire D-Wings 18-Piece Cord Organizer Combo Kit (White or Black)

  • In my basket I have chosen model: UTW-D18-WH. I presume this combo kit is in white but there is no indication as for the size of the 18 pieces. Are they all 'LARGE' or all 'SMALL' or a combination of sizes i.e. 12 LARGE and 6 SMALL or vice-versa???

  • hi,
    Keep cords out of the way and away from the floor
    Guide and hold cords around corner, edge or curve
    Self Adhesive with 3M foam tape that will not leave nail holes on surfaces
    Set includes 12 Small D-Wings and 6 Large D-Wings in white finish
    Inner Diameter: 3/8" (Small) and 1/2" (Large)

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