How do I install the HP57 ink cartridge which comes with printer head?

  • How do I install the HP57 ink cartridge which comes with printer head?

  • Here are the instuctions to install the HP57 cartidges :

    1. Confirm you got the correct cartridges for your printer.

    2. Once you have confirmed you have the correct cartridge for your printer we will begin by making sure you have properly removed all of the protective outer components from your cartridge before installation into the printer.

    3. The first step is to make sure you have properly removed the clip from the cartridge. This clip protects the electrical circuitry on the cartridge and also keeps the cartridge from leaking.

    4. Once the clip has been removed, you should see a copper strip and this is the cartridge’s contacts. These contacts communicate with the printer to print your documents. Please keep in mind that there are various styles of clips and that the clip we are removing in this video may not be identical to the one on your cartridge. Clips will vary in color, size and shape depending on the cartridge model and supplier of your remanufactured inkjet.

    5. After you remove the clip, please make sure that you are installing your cartridge into the correct location in the printer. Please consult your printer’s user manual to learn how to correctly install your remanufactured inkjet cartridge.

    6. If you are trying to install the cartridge in the correct location, the cartridge may have been mislabeled and should be returned to the place of purchase.

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