Why do I get an " empty ink " message on a new compatible cartridge?

  • Why do I get an " empty ink " message on a new compatible cartridge? is the cartridge defective ?

  • The following error message might occur when installing a new compatible or remanufactured cartridge unit.
    A message asking you to replace your black/color inkjet cartridge.
    The cartridge light blinks on the printer.
    A message that ask you to check your black/color inkjet cartridge.
    A message that indicates the cartridge is not seated properly.
    A message that indicates there is no cartridge installed.

    Cartridges that do not have an internal print head (Epson, Brother, Canon,)
    A lot of times this is caused by the chip on the cartridge not making direct contact with the printer sensors. All you need to do is open the area of the printer where your cartridges are installed. Remove the problematic cartridge from its designated port and reinstall the cartridge to ensure it is properly seated, secured, and that the chip is lined up with the printer censor. Close the printer cover and proceed to turn off the printer. Wait a few a few seconds and restart your printer. Proceed to print a test page and you should be good to go.

    Cartridges that have an internal print head (HP, Lexmark and some Canon)
    This is caused by the cartridge not making proper contact with the printer. This may also be caused by unclean contact points on the cartridge. Open the area where your cartridges are installed and remove the problematic cartridge. Then completely power down your printer for 2-3 minutes by unplugging the printer from its power source. As you wait you can clean the contacts on the bottom of the cartridge with a lint free cloth or coffee filter. Then power your printer back up, reinstall your cartridge making sure it is seated correctly, and that it’s in its designated slot. Your cartridge should be recognized and ready to print.

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