Car Audio application

  • I'm planning a car audio install and would like to use high quality wiring suitable for car audio.
    I'm wondering if your premium rca cable is suitable for car audio? I'm not sure if premium car audio rcas usually have more noise shielding than premium home rcas.

    Second, I'm wondering what size speaker wire you would recommend for a 90W RMS component speaker set (90W RMS, 280W Peak, Per channel) I'm thinking the 14 gauge is suitable but would you recommend 12 gauge? The amplifier driving these puts out 100 W RMS per channel. Or is 16 gauge sufficient? The wire run is about 10-12ft per channel.

    Last, do you also sell power cable for car audio amplifier install? This is 4 AWG power wire. I'm looking for an OFC wire. Most online are Copper Clad Aluminum. If you don't sell this I think there's a market in Canada, due to shipping costs from USA on most online kits.

  • Hello Jolene,

    1. our premium RCA cable is suitable for car audio, as the RCA connector is a standard connector for home or car audio. it is true that our premium RCA cable has more noise shielding than the normally home RCA cable. below image can show you a more idea for for noise shielding.
      ![0_1449463180622_image.png](Uploading 100%)

    2. we suggest you use the 12awg speaker wire, which can bear high current impacting and low heating generating, which in turn reduce the signal loss.

    3. we don't have 4 awg power wire offering so far.

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