Why the resume light of my printer keep blinking ?

  • Why the resume light of my printer keep blinking ?

  • Make sure the print cartridges are installed correctly by doing the following:

    Step one:
    turn off the printer and disconnect USB or the parallel cable from the printer.
    Then, turn the printer on again. The power light should not be blinking.
    If it is not, lift the printer top cover. The Resume light should blink while the cartridge carriage moves towards the center of the printer. Make sure both of the ink cartridges are installed.

    Step two:
    close the cover of the printer; if the Resume light stops blinking and the cartridge carriage goes back to its position, this means that the printer has properly recognized the cartridges. Print a test by pressing and holding the Resume button for a few seconds.

    Step Tree:
    Clean the cartridge using a clean lint-free cloth dampened with water. Locate the reddish strip on the back of the cartridge and clean it with the dampened cloth

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