How to clean printhead of the ink cartridge ?

  • How to clean printhead of the ink cartridge ?

    1. Take the cartridge out of the printer.
    2. Put a small amount of boiling water in a cup (about 1/4 inch) and dunk the print head (the part Where the ink comes out) in the hot water for a minute. Do not submerge the whole cartridge in hot water, just the print head.
    3. Take it out, pat against a paper towel, observe the ink pattern left by the cartridge on the towel. If too little/interrupted, dunk again in hot water for another minute, pat again. You want to get an uninterrupted line of ink across the whole length of the print head. Repeat as needed.
    4. Pat cartridge dry all over, put back in printer, run cleaning cycles (1-2).
    5. If still not looking good, take cartridge out and repeat from 2

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