Printer Brother HL-L2320D did not recognize the new cartridge TN660

  • Printer Brother HL-L2320D did not recognize the new cartridge TN660, it says no toner , can you help ?

  • Please read through the following information if you are experiencing problems with your toner cartridges.

    a. Make sure the printer is turned on.
    b. Open the front cover.
    c. Perform the following steps to reset the rotation count for the TN660/TN630:
    i. With the front cover open the LCD should display “Cover is Open”.
    ii. Hold the MENU button down for 5 seconds until Reset Menu is displayed.
    iii. Press the UP ARROW until TNR-HC is displayed.
    iv. Press the OK button.
    v. Press the UP ARROW to reset. The LCD will briefly display “Accepted”.
    vi. Close the front cover.

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    Hi, this is new trouble shooting for TN660 on HL-L2320D brother printer.

    The New Printer hl-l2320d( no LCD screen on the printer)
    QUESTION:The toner light is still lift, after change the toner.

    a. Open the front cover so that the toner cartridge is visible.
    b. Power off the machine by pressing and holding the power button (located on the top left side of the machine above the LED labeled Toner).
    c. Hold the GO button while powering on the printer.
    d. When the Toner, Drum and Paper LED's are ON and the Ready is OFF, release the GO button. All LED's will turn off.
    e. Press the GO button 9 times. The Toner, Drum and Paper LED's will turn ON.
    f. Close the front cover.
    g. Press the GO button 5 times. After a short pause, all of the LED's will turn OFF and the machine will go through its normal boot up during which different LED's will turn on and off. The reset is done when the Ready LED is ON steady.


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